A family history

A family affair: good old-fashioned know-how 

The Lamprien Provence story began in the 1960s, when Christiane and Christian LAMPRIEN decided to create the LAMPRIEN establishments. The harvesting area already consisted of 10 hectares of thyme, 2 hectares of bay leaves, 3 hectares of rosemary and 2 hectares of fennel! 
At that time, our aromatic herbs were harvested using a traditional sickle cutting methodin the heart of the Provençal hillside, a wild and naturally protected area... Once harvested, the plants were dried in the sun, packaged by the family and then sold to market wholesalers in Château-Renard, Cavaillon, Marseille, Lille, Nantes, Valencia…and even in les Halles, Paris.

Successive generations started to break new ground

In the 1980s, the LAMPRIEN establishments became LAMPRIEN PROVENCE. The second generation expanded our venture and made the decision to specialise, slowly but surely, in the French large-scale distribution market, in the catering industry as well as in the export market.

Ever since, we have proudly been leading the way in many sectors such as:


  • The creation of bouquets of dried herbstypical of the Provencal region.This involves arranging a bouquet of between 2 and 5 herbes de Provence by hand to be used for pots au feu, fish, poultry, rabbit, pork and lamb dishes
  • Edible flowers designed for the catering industry
  • Royal Basil: Truly innovative, Royal Basil is obtained by grafting "small leaf" Mediterranean-style basil onto the base of a Basil shrub, thus allowing the qualities of two plants from the same family to be combined. Its strengths: annual lifespan, highly resistant, decorative, rich flavour. A patented and exclusive Lamprien Provence product
  • Cherry tomatoes and chillies in pots
  • The development of Aloe Vera for specialised markets
  • Creating the innovative concept of mintdesigned for Mojitos and tea
  • Organic potted plants grown in Provence.

From our fields to your plates

By combining our knowledge of traditional production methods with modern packaging techniques, every day we can create products for you to add flavour and sunshine to your cuisine!