Our production

Our core business

With experience acquired over the years in the cultivation of aromatic plants, our production sites focus on four areas:

Site's certifications

Our sites are subject to strict hygiene and harvesting rules and our plants have been awarded the international Global G.A.P. certification. 
This allows us to ensure and maintain best practices in three areas that are particularly important to us:

  • Agricultural production: compliance with health and safety regulation, crop study and, of course, compliance with the regulations in force, 
  • The environment: use of plant protection products only when necessary in order to use them as little as possible and to improve the use of natural resources such as water,
  • Ethics: protecting the health, safety and well-being of our workers.

In order to verify and adjust our practices, we analyse our plants, as well as our water and soil, several times a year. We are also under contract with the Chamber of Agriculture of Vaucluse for the implementation and maintenance of our projects. We use many alternative techniques such as solarisation, which involves disinfecting the soil using the sun's heat.

Our 100% organic production

But that's not all! For a few years, in addition to our Global GAP certified production we also have a site entirely dedicated to the production of organic aromatic plants. These are protected by insects, an integrated form of pest management. Whilst happy to offer quality products that respect both the environment and the health of gourmet enthusiasts, this site also allows us to meet the growing demands of our consumers.