Les herbes sèches

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Originally from the Mediterranean basin, this emblem of Provençal cuisine know as thyme, or "Farigoule" in Provence, has been popular since the dawn of time. It is one of the essential ingredients of the classic Bouquet Garni, along with rosemary, oregano and bay leaf. Thyme essential oils, which were sacred to the Greeks and Romans, were later found in all kinds of cosmetic products. Today, thyme is one of the most widely used herbs in cooking. Ideal for dishes requiring a longer simmering time as it withstands cooking very well, it is particularly well suited to grilled meats or to flavour tomato sauces and goat's cheese.

Essential ingredient in a bouquet garni

One of the most used herbs in cooking

Accompanies grilled meats perfectly

Delicately flavours tomato sauces



Thyme sachet



Thyme bouquet